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Leadership with Elegant CourageTM

Elegant Courage
TM is the soulful embrace of your core values.  Elegant CourageTM is the confidence and choice to act on those values in the moment.


Lighthouse Leadership is the brain child of executive leadership coaches Jodi Wiff and Mike Krutza.  Our leadership coaching focus is to help people ‘sort out the noise' in the workplace, create a brilliant picture for the future and keep you on pace to move forward with renewed energy, focus and commitment.


Our hope is to improve people's lives with the guiding light of Elegant CourageTM.  In the leadership coaching process we'll help you find greater joy, satisfaction and purpose in your career and life.


“...Leadership coaches Mike Krutza and Jodi Wiff are smart and intuitive with an insightful business experience that allows them to understand the nuts and bolts of business and the softer, soulful side of people.” ~~ W. Hughes



When you need to face your fear – what do you do? PDF Print E-mail


Have you found yourself out of sort?   Possibly trying to control all that you can –people/process/outcomes – or maybe you found yourself withdrawing and avoiding making decisions. We all deal with fear in different ways. It’s important to know what your back-up style to fear is; as it may not bring out the best in you to really rally in tough times.

To identify what you do when you are fearful – think back to a time when you felt overloaded, stressed, scared, overwhelmed.   Describe that time, identify how you related to others and if possible ask them how they would describe that time…what felt right – what didn’t.   Did you become quiet, controlling, rude, impatient, depressed, avoiding, indecisive…what words described you.

How is your fear response different from when you are gliding?     Key is knowing what needs to be in place for you to have ‘gliding leadership ’.   So that you make the effort to adjust – and move out of fear and into gliding formation

When the boss gets in ‘fear mode’ what happens? PDF Print E-mail

The boss is on the war path…employees sense it, feel it and react to it. Think about a time when your boss turned into the micromanager…they wanted to solve all the problems…or wanted in on all the details.   For the employee they may have felt they personally weren’t trusted; weren’t doing a ‘good enough’ job, or weren’t meeting the boss’s expectations. Employee code words are…what the heck is going on!

What is leadership calling you to do…and are you deleting that message? PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever heard that message in your head….’someone should say something?  …am I the only one that doesn’t get what they are asking for?’ You may even find yourself looking around the room to see who is ‘getting it’….but what you see is blank expressions.